Some Chinese drywall claims moving to trial quickly

September 11, 2009  |  Other, Chinese Drywall, Press Releases

For families living with Chinese drywall, time matters. They need money to remediate the toxic drywall and replace piping, electrical components and other systems that have been damaged by chemical emissions from the drywall, and they need it quickly. But litigation takes time.

U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon has good news for those families, though. At a recent hearing, Judge Fallon, who oversees the Chinese drywall MDL where hundreds of federal lawsuits are pending, told attorneys he expects the first Chinese drywall trial to take place in January. He wants attorneys for both sides to choose five other cases to be tried in early 2010.

Not surprisingly, the defendants say they might need more time to get ready for this first group of trials. Defendants sometimes try to delay the litigation process to avoid paying valid claims as long as possible.

The first group of trials will be claims for damages only—not health care problems related to Chinese drywall.

For the full story, go to Business Week.

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