So Just What Part of So-Called Frivolous Lawsuits is Frivolous?

June 30, 2011  |  Other

Let’s take the poster child case, the one we all heard about, that involved an elderly lady and a cup of hot McDonald’s coffee. For years now that case has been batted about as an example of a frivolous lawsuit – one that exemplified the evils of easy access to the civil justice system and the need for tort reform.

But watch the first fifteen minutes of the documentary “Hot Coffee” by Susan Saladoff and ask yourself if those third degree burns look frivolous. If you dare to keep watching, see what you think about the raped and beaten young Halliburton employee who, upon employment at the age of nineteen, signed away her access to the civil justice system by agreeing to a mandatory arbitration agreement.

“Hot Coffee” is an important film because it highlights what can happen when people lose their basic constitutional rights as a result of overly zealous tort reform, and shows that the lawsuits often maligned in popular media are anything but frivolous.

Baron & Budd believes in open access to the civil justice system and is proud to have represented so many people over the last thirty years whose quest for justice has been fairly met.

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