Safer Trucking Through Technology

April 27, 2017  |  Serious Accidents

The statistics regarding commercial truck accidents are discouraging, to say the least. Nearly 1,500 drivers were killed from 2014-2015 alone, and thousands more were severely injured. Thousands more who happened to be sharing the road with a big rig at the wrong time were killed or injured as well. But the implementation of new technologies may help reduce these catastrophic numbers in the near future.

Big Money, Big Incentives

The trucking industry generated more than $720 billion in revenue in 2015, but costs are skyrocketing as well – and insurance expenses are a major reason why. As a result, it makes financial sense for carriers and customers alike to look for ways to make trucking as safe as possible.

One recent advance being tested is the use of dashboard cameras. In-cab cameras are trained on drivers at all times in an effort to reduce liability. After all, if the trucking company can prove that its driver was not distracted, it might have a better chance of avoiding losing a big financial judgment in court. Forward-looking cameras are also being used to show exactly what the truck was doing at the time an accident occurred.

In addition, communications systems are being upgraded in order to help dispatchers better monitor routes and make sure that drivers are taking rest breaks as required by law. Touch screens are being installed in some newer rigs to help drivers with navigation issues. There are also efforts being made to equip drivers with wearable technology so critical measurements such as fatigue levels, heart rate and others can be monitored remotely.

This is a Good Idea, But…

Whatever the motivation for an increased focus on safety, whether it’s solely financial or not, truck drivers and other motorists will eventually benefit. In the meantime, though, the roads remain an incredibly dangerous place for truckers and other motorists for a variety of reasons. Carriers often place unreasonable deadlines on their drivers, who feel they have to fight through fatigue as a result. Manufacturers often produce defective parts that fail at just the wrong time, causing death and destruction.

Whenever this t

pe of tragedy occurs, it is imperative that accident victims fight for their rights and hold accountable the parties that are responsible. Baron & Budd may be able to help if you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to a trucking accident. Please complete our contact form or call 866-236-9479 to schedule a consultation.

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