Let’s Be Honest: Risperdal’s Long-Term Effects on Young Men Are NOT OKAY

It takes a lot to hurt a man. We hear that all the time: Men are tough, they don’t cry, boys will be boys — meaning they’re more rough and tumble than sentimental. Yeah and guys don’t talk about feelings — we hear that all the time too.

But sometimes in life, we really do suffer (even if it’s internal) and life becomes more difficult than we’d ever imagine. That applies to boys and men, no matter whether they are encouraged to share their feelings or not.

But it’s okay to have feelings. And it’s okay to be honest about them.

In that spirit…

It’s a problem being a young man and developing abnormal breast growth from a drug called Risperdal.

And no matter how much guys are supposed to be okay, how they’re supposed to be all tough and able to “take it”… the truth is, it’s a problem, guys with breasts aren’t happy, and Risperdal changed their lives like no other.

That doesn’t mean that the boys and men who took Risperdal and developed breast growth are in the wrong — but it does mean that what happened to them because of taking Risperdal is not okay. Because it’s not okay to just be starting out in life and face a road block so difficult: Abnormal breast growth so bad that it requires surgery, a life-  changer. It means loosing friends, facing bullying at school, feeling embarrassed, and even losing courage and faith in the future. That’s a whole lot to handle when you are supposed to be concerned about college exams, school parties and first job interviews!

So what’s the solution? No one can magically undo the past, but we can encourage you to take the blame off yourself and point it where it really belongs: The manufacturers of Risperdal.

The manufacturers allegedly knew about the potential breast growth and yet promoted the drug to age groups and for uses that were “off-label,” in effect helping to cause abnormal male breast growth development in far too many young men.

If you or someone you know was one of those young men… we’re here for you! Take the blame off yourself because you had nothing to do with it. The marketers of Risperdal did, and that’s why we’re fighting them today.

And if you or someone you know developed male breast tissue growth while taking Risperdal, please contact one of our Risperdal lawyers at 866-520-2755 or contact us online.

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