What Type of IVC Claims Can I Request Compensation For if I File a Lawsuit?

IVC filter malfunctions can lead to serious, even fatal, consequences. There are many types of damages for which you can request reimbursement and compensation. It’s time for negligent manufacturers to pay for the suffering they have caused so many to endure. Pieces of the device have broken off and migrated through patients’ bodies, impaling major organs and leading to severe problems. Patients have died from pulmonary embolism caused by certain IVC filter models. If this has happened to you, filing an IVC filter lawsuit may be in your best interests. These are only a few of the claim options you have.

Medical Expenses

Complications associated with defective IVC filters can lead to massive medical expenses. You may need emergency surgery to remove the device and have to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. Filing a lawsuit could help you recoup these expenses.

Lost Wages

If you have to stay in the hospital for several days due to a malfunctioning IVC filter, you will obviously have to miss a great deal of work – and many people can be crippled financially due to lost wages. A lawsuit could reimburse you for your lost work income as well as potential future income if you are unable to return to your job.


An IVC filter malfunction can lead to excruciating pain and a great deal of suffering. Filing a lawsuit can hold those responsible accountable for your misery.

If you choose to take legal action, you will not have to worry about extensive paperwork or other hassles. Call Baron & Budd at 866-731-7909 or click here to contact us online and discuss your legal options. Our firm will take care of all the legwork, including obtaining medical records and filing the lawsuit. We will take care of everything so that all you will need to do is focus on your recovery. Get in touch with us as soon as you can so we can begin working to obtain the compensation you deserve for the suffering you’ve been forced to endure.

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