How to Actually Raise Your Testosterone Levels

February 23, 2016  |  Dangerous Drugs & Devices, Pharmaceuticals

There’s a smart way to raise your testosterone level.

And then there’s listening to halftime ads.

Our testosterone lawsuit lawyers are not doctors and we can’t advise you about your specific health needs, but we can warn you: If you are taking testosterone to raise your testosterone levels, there may be a better way.

The first thing you have to understand  is that Low T itself may be more myth than reality. That does not necessarily mean that you are struggling with phantom or nonexistent problems. It simply means we might have been blaming the wrong set of problems all along.

You see, all those “side effects” of Low T — erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, low energy, the whole shebang —could be attributed to a number of other causes. That’s actually good news for all of us, as these “side effects” may have an easy hack.

As you may expect: There is no quick fix to feeling at the top of your game. But if you take up this one habit, all that extra legwork may be well worth the effort.

One Thing You Can Do To Get Feeling Better, Fast: Exercise.

Yeah, yeah. Enough with the “I like playing sports —not the gym.”

Every man needs to exercise. And that exercise needs to occur much more regularly than that monthly ballgame you and your friends still haven’t organized.

You can start with walking around your block. Then your neighborhood, and so on. Extra points if you lift can some weights regularly, too (—Warning: New to lifting weights? Work on that form to avoid injuries. Really.)

If there’s only one thing you have time to do to feel better fast, it’d be regularly exercise and increase physical activity throughout your day.

The Research Says it All

According to a study published by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, exercise may improve sexual function, in all men.

The study found that a mere two hours per week of strenuous activities like running was enough. Only capable of light exercise? No problem. You’ll just need to put in six hours per week to feel the benefits. (Stuck in between? The “magic number” for moderate exercise is a cool 3.5 hours.)

Exercise has an added benefit of putting in work even when you are not actually working out — not only potentially improving your mood and energy, but also decreasing your stress and perhaps contributing to better choices in your diet, too.

It’s a Win, Win, Win

Of course… there’s always those halftime ads. Too bad there is very limited research and little to no evidence that taking testosterone has benefits in an otherwise healthy, aging men.

Two choices. One’s all natural and has added associated benefits. The other could steer you in the direction of blood clots, stroke, heart attacks and more (— or, worse).

So which one will you choose?

Already on Testosterone medication and suffering from any of the above associated complications? It’s not too late. You may be able to file a Low T lawsuit. Contact a testosterone lawsuit attorney at Baron and Budd now for a free and confidential consult to learn more. You may also call us at 866-520-2755.

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