Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Nursing Home

January 18, 2017  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

If the time has come to move an elderly relative into a nursing facility, you obviously want to do everything you can to make sure he or she will be as happy – and safe – as possible. You’ve no doubt heard horror stories of nursing home abuse, and you will do whatever you can to make sure your loved one avoids the same fate.

Don’t Be Afraid

It will take a lot of research – and asking hard questions – in order to give you peace of mind knowing you’ve done all you could to find the best possible nursing home. But far too many people are hesitant to find out everything they possibly can about the facilities they’re considering for their loved ones. Please don’t be one of them.

These are just a few of the questions you should ask when selecting a nursing home.

  • What sorts of services do you offer? – This will be particularly important if your loved one has a special medical need.
  • What is your ratio of staff members to residents? – You want to make sure your relative gets the proper amount of attention, so look for facilities where staff members aren’t overwhelmed by having to take care of too many people.
  • Do you use restraints? – Physical restraints are typically no longer allowed, but there are some cases where residents will receive medications to control anxiety, depression or aggressive behavior. You need to make sure the facilities you consider don’t turn to medications simply because they are under-staffed.
  • What sort of food choices are available? –Make sure you ask if the facility can accommodate any special dietary needs if necessary. Quality meals can have an important impact on your loved one’s health and happiness.
  • What kinds of activities do you provide? – You don’t want your relative simply sitting around his or her room all day with nothing to do. Find out what the facility does to keep residents engaged.

What to Do if You Spot a Problem

Even though you might have put in a lot of work in choosing a nursing home facility, that’s still not a 100 percent guarantee that everything will be fine. If you have any reason at all to suspect that your loved one is being mistreated in any way, get in touch with the appropriate agency in your state (the National Center on Elder Abuse has a comprehensive list of agencies to contact). If you think he or she is being physically or sexually abused, or was injured or killed because of a prescription error or other type of medical negligence at a nursing home, call law enforcement immediately. You should then get in touch with Baron & Budd to explore your legal options. Give us a call at 866-723-1890 phone=”nursinghome”] or complete our contact form for a confidential consultation.

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