Problem Nursing Homes – The CMS Special Focus Facility List

September 26, 2016  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

If a loved one is living in a nursing home where abuse or neglect take place, it’s only natural that you would be angry and frustrated. Thankfully,  there is a resource where you can quickly identify problem facilities and take action.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compile a Special Focus Facility (SFF) list each month that highlights nursing homes that show patterns of serious deficiencies. The list was formed because many facilities will “clean up” their issues one month only to show new problems another month.

There are five SFF categories:

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  • Table A – New additions – These facilities have been recently added to the list. As a result, they have not yet been inspected by CMS in order to show whether or not they have improved.
  • Table B – Not improved – Nursing homes in Table B have not demonstrated any improvement since first appearing on the SFF list, even though they were given an opportunity to do so.
  • Table C – Improving – These facilities have shown substantial improvement. If they continue to do so for a 12-month period, they may be able to graduate from the SFF program.
  • Table D – Recently graduated – These homes showed enough improvement to be removed from the SFF list completely. However, that does not necessarily mean they no longer have issues.
  • Table E – No longer in Medicare and Medicaid – This is a list of homes that are no longer eligible to participate in Medicare and Medicaid. Homes will typically close once this occurs.


To view the CMS SFF list, click here.

If your loved one is in a facility listed on any of these tables – especially Tables A, B or E – you have a right to be extremely concerned because there is a chance that some form of abuse may be taking place. Please contact Baron & Budd by completing our online form or calling 866-612-0246 to learn more about your potential legal options. We will work to hold accountable those responsible for the suffering your loved one is experiencing.

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