Everything You Need to Know About Everything That Can Go Wrong With Power Morcellators

January 20, 2016  |  Dangerous Drugs & Devices, Pharmaceuticals

Power morcellators are surgical devices that may be used in uterine surgeries like hysterectomies and fibroid removals. They’re also increasingly in the news due to their potential to spread cancer in patients.

The concern has to do with how power morcellators spread bodily tissues throughout the abdominal cavity. These devices work by essentially cutting tissues with a small rotating blade and then removing them with a vacuum-like suction. However, some cut-up tissue may disperse to different areas within the abdominal cavity, instead of leaving through the vacuum.

Some of the tissue that disperses may be previously unknown cancerous cells, meaning patients who undergo surgery with a power morcellator are at risk of developing cancer as a result of the scattering  of  cancerous cells during the morcellation process.

This potential spread of cancer is possible because pre-surgical screening is not capable of detecting certain types of cancer.There simply is no way to completely screen and detect all cancerous tissues pre-surgery. Meaning, the device may have an inherent flaw, one that endangers patients, in addition to the alleged negligence of the devices’ manufacturers, who should have been more forthright about risks.

The specific cancer that patients who received surgery with power morcellator devices may be at-risk for is called, “metastatic leiomyosarcoma” or, LMS. It’s a uterine cancer that is incredibly deadly — and rare – until the popularity of  power morcellators.

Same thing with uterine cancer and the development of fibroids outside of the uterus — two additional risks that may come with power morcellators. Two risks, too, that were not communicated clearly by the device’s manufacturers and marketers and that may be inherent to the device’s potentially and tragically flawed design.

If you or someone you know developed cancer after surgery using a power morcellator, you may be able to file a power morcellator lawsuit. Call us at 855-445-1833 or contact us online for a free consult. We’ll help you discover what really happened once and for all.

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