We Never Thought It Would Come to This: Patients Hurt by Levaquin and Avelox Filing Lawsuits Now

September 22, 2015  |  Dangerous Drugs & Devices, FLQ, Pharmaceuticals

We’re lawyers — and we’re still surprised by this.

Despite the known and terrifying risks that come with taking Levaquin and Avelox, risks that include peripheral neuropathy, a nerve damage that may not go away and that may be so severe that patients are unable to work or even button their own blouses… 

Despite the FDA’s warnings about the dangerous antibiotics…

Despite the ongoing grassroots efforts to educate patients and doctors about these very serious potential side effects…

Avelox and Levaquin are still on the market.

You’d expect that when a product has known risks that have come to light, that that product would be taken off the market. That is very rarely the case with pharmaceuticals, when it may take years of patient reports to the FDA and individual patient lawsuits to finally push the pharmaceutical companies into doing the right thing and pulling a harmful drug from the market or doing the necessary work to revise the drug label to better warn doctors and patients.

Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars a year, after all, and for whatever reason it’s sometimes the huge money-making drugs that also tend to come with associated side effects. Just think of Avelox and Levaquin, two of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics in the country. (That’s saying a whole lot for a type of pharmaceutical drug, antibiotics, that is in and of itself one of the most commonly prescribed in the country, too!)

We’re not conspiracy theorists here but we are concerned both as citizens and lawyers. We believe that patients have the right to full access to a drug’s associated side affects, and that pharmaceutical companies need to put in the the appropriate effort to make sure that patients and doctors know of these risks before they begin taking any drug.

That would mean more honest prescription labels, and ads that were upfront about the seriousness of associated risks. It would mean less glossing over side effects, less naming them quickly and in tiny print, as is often the case on TV ads and magazine inserts, and more honest pharmaceutical representatives and medical literature too.

It would mean less time spent doing “sales” and more time spent developing and rigorously testing drugs that stand up to the highest caliber of safety and efficacy BEFORE they are brought to market.

For some pharmaceutical drugs, such as experimental drugs used to fight cancer that are new to the market and are produced in limited numbers, this may be harder to do than you might think. But for Avelox and Levaquin, it really couldn’t be simpler. And that has a whole lot to do with not just how much money they bring in, or how popular or how readily produced they can be — but also with the very simple fact that these drugs were manufactured as a very strong antibiotic that was only meant to be prescribed to patients suffering from weakened immune symptoms + very bad infections:  in other words, serious, life-threatening situations. But instead Avelox and Levaquin were being prescribed for all sorts of everyday medical ailments, like ear infections and urinary tract infections.

If you developed nerve damage from taking Avelox or Levaquin, we’re asking you to contact a team member at Baron and Budd at 866-520-2755. We are able to talk to you confidentially about your potential ability to file an Avelox or Levaquin lawsuit, a lawsuit that could help you be a part of the change that is needed to hold the manufacturers of these potentially very dangerous antibiotics accountable.

By filing an Avelox or Levaquin lawsuit, you may also be financially rewarded for your suffering. It’s the kind of money that won’t take away your nerve damage or make everything better — but it will make your life a whole lot easier, just as it will help you and your family know that you did everything you could to not let the pharmaceutical manufacturers get away with promoting harmful drugs.

Call us at 866-520-2755 or complete our contact form for a free case review.

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