Baron and Budd Overtime Lawsuit Regarding Dispatchers to Move Forward as a Class Action

DALLAS –(May 21, 2012) –Last week, a Dallas federal judge ruled that a lawsuit regarding overtime wages for dispatchers in the oil and gas industry can move forward as a class action. In the case, dispatchers at a Texas oilfield services company were not paid all overtime wages owed by law because they were misclassified as exempt from overtime pay when, under law, these workers should have been classified as non-exempt. The difference could mean thousands in unpaid overtime wages for each dispatcher. Baron and Budd attorney Allen Vaught represents the dispatchers who were not paid overtime in that case.

Overtime issues for oilfield transportation service workers are not a new issue. Last year a $14 million settlement was reached in a California case where truck transportation provider KAG West LLC was accused of forcing drivers to work off the clock, not allowing meal or rest breaks, and not paying employees time-and-a-half overtime pay.

“These wage violation issues aren’t uncommon among dispatchers and other oil and gas industry workers,” said Allen Vaught, head of Baron and Budd’s FLSA litigation section. “The worst part is that most people don’t realize that they are due additional overtime pay and many companies rely on that lack of knowledge.”

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a national law that governs wages, hours, overtime pay and other important workers’ rights. Under the FLSA, employees may be exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay. In some cases, employers misclassify workers to avoid paying overtime wages and save money for the company.

If you work or have worked as a dispatcher in the truck transportation industry, you may not have been paid all overtime pay you are owed by law. For a free case review, contact attorney Allen Vaught at 1.866.495.1255 or via email to

Your inquiry is confidential and the FLSA protects employees from being discriminated against or fired for investigating a claim regarding possible FLSA violations.

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