Several Injured in Oklahoma Oilfield Explosion

April 27, 2017  |  Serious Accidents
Oklahoma Oilfield Explosion

Several people were hurt in a Feb. 16, 2017 explosion that occurred in an oilfield near the Oklahoma town of Quinton, located in Pittsburg County. Several volunteer fire departments were dispatched to the scene, and part of a state highway had to be closed as well.

Another Example

Oilfield work is among the most dangerous there is, with thousands of people being injured or killed each year due to accidents. Oil and gas put a tremendous amount of pressure on the pipes and valves they move through, and this can lead to devastating explosions and fires. Whenever a mistake is made – no matter how small it may seem to be – lives can be lost and altered forever.

There are many different factors that can contribute to this type of accident, but most of them have one thread in common – negligence. The federal government requires employers to provide workers with a “reasonably safe environment.” When they fail to do so and an injury or fatality occurs as a result, they can be held liable.

One common example of negligence is a failure to properly maintain equipment. Gages and valves, as well as other safety devices, must be checked on a regular basis. If regular maintenance is not performed, workers are placed at an incredible risk for harm. But even if all equipment is safe, an employer can still be held liable if a worker causes an accident through his or her negligence.

Manufacturing defects can also lead to oilfield explosions and other types of accidents. If a manufacturer produces a defective product that later fails and causes injuries or deaths, that company can be sued for negligence.

Baron & Budd attorneys have a great deal of experience representing oilfield workers who have suffered harm due to negligence – either on the part of their employers or the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment. If you or a loved on has been hurt or killed in this type of accident, call 866-974-0818 or complete our contact form to learn more about how we may be able to help.

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