Minnesota Judge Comes Down Hard on Nursing Home Rapist

December 6, 2016  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

No matter what form of nursing home abuse takes place, whether it’s physical or verbal, it’s horrible. But when a nursing home resident is sexually assaulted it’s especially reprehensible. A Minnesota judge took that into account when levying a harsh sentence on a nursing home worker who admitted to just such a crime.

A Fitting Punishment

In September, a judge in the Hennepin County District Court sentenced George Sumo Kapingbah to eight years in jail for the rape of a 77-year-old nursing home resident with dementia. Even though the man admitted to his crime, prosecutors had only asked for a seven-year sentence – which is still above recommended guidelines. The judge found the man’s crime so heinous she added another year.

Unreported Tragedies

Unfortunately, this crime often goes unreported for several reasons. Victims often suffer from medical conditions that either rob them of their memory or leave them confused or unable to communicate. As a result, they become easy prey. Even worse, rapists can often manipulate their elderly victims into having sexual contact – or simply force them into it.

Not only is this obviously a horrible experience from a mental standpoint, sexual abuse of the elderly can also lead to increased physical problems, including heart problems, bone and joint issues and much more. It can also greatly increase the risk of death.

If you have any reason whatsoever to believe an elderly loved one in a nursing home has been sexually abused, immediately report it to law enforcement. But you can also take the extra step of punishing the nursing facility itself for its negligence by filing a lawsuit. Please get in touch with Baron & Budd to learn about your potential legal options. Call 866-612-0246 or complete our contact form for more information or to book an appointment with a lawyer for nursing home abuse cases.

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