New York Case Highlights Yet Another Shocking Example of Nursing Home Abuse

July 2, 2015  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

The nursing home abuse attorneys with Baron & Budd have seen or heard of far too many cases of abuse and neglect nationwide. The latest one ranks right up there with the worst of them.

Three healthcare workers at the Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Queens, N.Y. were arrested on June 24 for allegedly abusing a 51-year-old patient suffering from physical and mental disabilities. The New York Daily News received video surveillance footage from the alleged incident that occurred on October 23, 2014.

According to an article that appeared on the website of the paper on June 25, the workers ignored the patient for several minutes even though he was writhing on the ground right in front of them and bleeding profusely from a head injury. The paper reported that the patient was wearing a torn, blood-soaked gown that appeared to be partially wrapped around his neck.

Finally, one of the staff members dragged the man across the floor and back into his room. When the patient once again emerged from his room a few minutes later, the paper reported, he was not only still bleeding from his head but also from his jaw. According to the article, the patient suffered head and neck injuries and was later taken to a hospital to receive emergency treatment. There was no word on whether he is still a patient at the facility.

None of the three staff members (two nurses and a health aide) are still employed by Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

An All-Too Common Occurrence

Unfortunately, our nursing home abuse lawyers have far too much experience dealing with cases just like this. There are many instances where medical emergencies were either mishandled or ignored completely, turning what would otherwise have been a relatively minor situation into a life-altering tragedy. While the staff members in the Peninsula case were arrested, there have been many, many other cases where abusive personnel not only were unpunished but able to keep their jobs.

If a loved one is living in a nursing home, there are several signs that may indicate he or she has been the victim of neglect. These include:

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  • Failure of staff members to inform you of an illness or injury
  • Your loved one receiving food that may cause an allergic reaction
  • Unsanitary or unsafe living conditions
  • Dehydration, infections or bedsores
  • Malnutrition or rapid weight gain
  • Residents wandering throughout the facility without supervision


How We Can Help

The nursing home abuse attorneys with Baron & Budd are currently investigating potential claims against nursing homes like this. Please get in touch with us if you suspect abuse or neglect of your loved one at such a facility. Send us an e-mail at or call us at 866-612-0246 for a consultation. We will let you know if you may qualify to take legal action.

Nursing home abuse and neglect cannot be allowed to continue. If you or someone you love has been a victim, please contact us immediately.

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