Millbury Ave. Well and Water Treatment Facility in Millbury, Massachusetts back in service after tests show no more perchlorate

November 20, 2008  |  Press Releases

The Millbury Ave. Well and Water Treatment Facility are back in service several weeks after perchlorate found in the water forced a temporary shutdown. The August 28th lab analysis found 10.2 parts per billion of perchlorate in the water, more than five times the amount allowed under Massachusetts 2006 Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for the chemical.

The distribution system was flushed, and drinking water advisories were sent out to residents. Further testing showed perchlorate levels had dropped back under the MCL within a few days, but the facility remained closed while the investigation continued.

Now that an additional month of test samples have shown no perchlorate in the water, the Millbury Ave. Well and Water Treatment Facility are being reopened. New measures will be put in place to monitor for any further perchlorate contamination, as recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Generally, water providers in Massachusetts are required to test for perchlorate annually.

For the full story, go to the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle.

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