After 25 years as a Superfund site, officials, residents and environmentalists are pushing for cleanup still needed at Marlboro,

October 10, 2008  |  Press Releases

Much has been done at the Imperial Oil site since it was listed as a Superfund Site 25 years ago. Almost 60 oil tanks are gone from the site and seven buildings demolished, and the equivalent of 200 football fields of soil has been excavated or treated for contamination. But remaining toxins at the site have residents, officials and environmentalists concerned about continuing health risks, and they are pushing for the EPA to allocate finds in the coming year to a final cleanup at the site.

A series of companies have operated at the site, most recently Imperial Oil, and have contaminated the soil and groundwater with VOCs, PCBs and other toxic and carcinogenic substances. Imperial Oil and Champion Chemical, the property owner who leased to Imperial, have not kept up with their payment obligations to the EPA.

So far, the EPA has spent approximately $15.7 million on the cleanup, and the New Jersey DEP has spent $900,000. But the cleanup that is still needed to remediate soil contamination at the site is estimated to require another $30 million or more.

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