JCI Jones Chemical ordered to identify and clean up contamination from its Torrance, California chemical plant

October 3, 2008  |  Press Releases

Under an agreement with the EPA, JCI Jones Chemicals Inc. is required to identify and clean up solvent contamination—including trichloroethylene, trichloroethane and perchloroethylene—in the soil, soil gas and groundwater in and around its chemical supply plant in Torrance, California. Groundwater samples have shown that the levels of these chemicals is far over drinking water standards, and the EPAhas ordered the cleanup to prevent contamination from spreading to drinking water wells or through the air into occupied areas. Tests have also found extremely high levels of lead in the soil and also elevated levels of DDT and benzene hexachloride.

Adjacent to the JCI Jones Chemical site, is DDT-contaminated former Montrose Chemical. Montrose Chemical Corp. of California is completing its own investigation and cleanup planning to deal with DDT on the site. The work at JCI Jones Chemical is designed to supplement the cleanup already underway next door and the Montrose Chemical Superfund Site, which was added to EPA’s National Priorities List in 1989.

For more on the story, go to Media Newswire.

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