Three men were killed in three different vehicular accidents in a single weekend in Rusk County, Wisconsin. All three accidents involved vehicle rollovers: an SUV, a pickup truck and an ATV.

One man’s SUV—a 1999 Ford Expedition—rolled over as he rounded a curve; a passenger died when he was thrown from the vehicle during the rollover, and the driver and a second passenger were treated at a local hospital.

Another man died after his pickup truck rolled over, also when he was lost control of the vehicle rounding a curve. He was thrown from the vehicle and died at a local hospital from his injuries.

Rollovers of SUV and pickup trucks are far more common than in passenger cars because they have a higher center of gravity. The only other traffic fatality in Rusk County this year was last month, when a woman died after her pickup rolled over.

A third man lost control of he four-wheel ATV after striking a dog in the road; the dog was not injured, but the ATV overturned, killing the driver. Some ATVs have been found to be inherently unstable, leading to dangerous rollovers even on flat terrain.

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