The National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) is interested in studying the potential health effects on workers involved in the removal of contaminated Chinese drywall from affected homes. But to date, builders involved in such removal efforts have not willingly cooperated.

Chinese-manufactured drywall has been shown to have high levels of chemicals linked to the corrosion of metal components in affected homes and have been implicated in health complaints. NIOSH is the federal agency charged with studying potential workplace hazards and recommending methods of preventing job-related injuries and illnesses. NIOSH’s work is particularly important to in the evaluation of new potential work hazards.

However, for NIOSH to conduct a study, it must either have the cooperation of employers or have at least three employees at a jobsite petition for a Health Hazard Evaluation. In the case of Chinese drywall removal, NIOSH has requested to partner with homebuilders and contractors but have been denied access.

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