Know This: When the Kids Go Back to School This Fall, the Antibiotic Avelox May Cause Life-Changing Nerve Damage

When the Kids Go Back to School This Fall, Watch Out for the Dangerous Antibiotic Avelox.

It’s a well-known truth that school season and germ season come together. Children who never get sick in the summer or when school is out of session? Take them to school and before you know it, even the children that never get sick start sneezing and coughing one after the other, just as fast as the last names called out at the beginning of class.

Inevitably, thanks to the wonder of parenting, you get what your child gets. That’s why it is important for you to know that, come cold and flu season, there is an antibiotic that is prescribed for all sorts of bacterial infections from sinus and ear bacterial infections to bronchitis. It’s called Avelox. And it may cause a severe and permanent nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy.

The risk of peripheral neuropathy that comes with taking Avelox has been well-documented, even by the FDA. But the initial warning issued to doctors and patients was inadequate, and it wasn’t until recently that the FDA stepped in and strengthened the warning to make sure that the risk of permanent damage was included.

Yet, for whatever reason, too many people still do not know of the dangers associated with Avelox. And come cold and flu season? Too many people may suffer from severe and even permanent nerve damage because of it.

We encourage you to share the news about the risk of permanent nerve damage related to Avelox with anyone you know who has school-age children or who works in a school or college setting where infections tend to appear the most.

Just like it only takes one child to share a water bottle or sneeze without a tissue to infect the whole classroom, it only takes one bottle (or even the first few pills!) of Avelox to potentially give someone long-term nerve damage. It can happen quickly and that’s why we encourage you to be prepared. Especially because, once sick, it’s hard to find the energy to do research prior to filling our prescriptions.

Nerve damage causes symptoms of tingling, numbness, pain or shooting symptoms in the arms and legs. For some patients, the symptoms of nerve damage are so severe that they are not able to continue with their daily responsibilities.

So please don’t let that be you come school season. We buy our children new outfits and backpacks for the first day of school; now let’s make sure that when that first infection hits — because we know it will — we are prepared. Please email this blog to those who need to know.

And if you or someone you know took Avelox and developed signs of nerve damage, please contact our Avelox lawyers as soon as you can at 866-520-2755 or via email here.

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