Montebello Wellness Center in Houston Cited For Unsafe Practices AGAIN

March 28, 2016  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

In the last three years, the Montebello Wellness Center in Houston, Texas has been denied Medicare or Medicaid payments by the government not once, not twice, but three times. Given the state of nursing homes in Texas, we have to say that this is really NOT an easy task.

In fact, a nursing home in Texas being denied Medicare or Medicaid payments should send a very strong message to potential clients: Caution! Because this nursing home may not be  able to provide the proper level of care for its residents at all.

Here’s just a glimpse of the various ways in which Houston’s Montebello Wellness Center may threaten the health and safety of its residents:

  1. In 2014, multiple health deficiencies were found in the facility, including a deficiency in “[making] sure that the nursing home area is safe, easy to use, clean and comfortable for residents.”
  2. A mere 1.34 total number of licensed nurse staff hours per resident per day, which is way below state standards. In 2014, Medicare reports indicated that the facility also failed to implement its abuse and neglect policies to help prevent the abuse of residents.
  3. Physical abuse has been noted in the facility, including  grabbing/scratching causing severe open wounds, screaming/slapping and verbal and physical threats.

All that and more is why Houston’s Montebello Wellness Center has only  two out of five stars Medicare rating.

If you’re still of the mindset that most nursing homes in Texas are generally safe, we beg you to take a closer look. Nursing home abuse is a epidemic in nursing homes across Texas. At Montebello Wellness Center, the abuse and neglect is completely out of hand, and it threatens the safety of residents right this minute, today.

If someone you know is at Montebello Wellness Center, we urge you to stay vigilant about your loved one’s health and safety. If you can, check in on your elderly loved one frequently, in person, to see how their care is measuring up. Each time, check for these top signs of elderly abuse, too.

If you are worried that your elderly loved one at Montebello Wellness Center has already suffered from elder abuse such as neglect, physical abuse, or sexual abuse, you may be able to work with an elder abuse lawyer to protect your loved one and others in the facility.

Our elder abuse lawyers are offering free and confidential consults, however you may have to act fast in order to give us the time we need to preserve vital evidence and more. Call us at 866-612-0246 or contact us online as soon as you can.


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