Martin Luther King Day: Let’s Not Take Our Rights for Granted

January 19, 2015  |  Other

This Martin Luther King Day, we honor and give tribute to a man who fought courageously to make sure that every American has the rights they deserve.

As a result of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s unrelenting work, Congress enacted the now-familiar Civil Rights Act in 1964. As a country, we are indebted to King, who was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It goes without saying that his quest for equality and nondiscrimination lies at the heart of our American values.

But today, despite the attention given to Martin Luther King, it is easy to take those hard-won rights for granted. (And we’re not talking just about racial equity here; we are talking access to the civil justice system for all.)

Yep, it’s easy to assume that you have access to all the rights in the world — that is, until someone in your family becomes seriously ill because a drug manufacturer pushed a product for an unsafe use – or you receive notice from your child’s school saying the students have been exposed to dangerous PCBs.

Then those rights (or the lack thereof) become real.

And so does the work of plaintiffs lawyers like Baron & Budd.

As a law firm devoted 100% to Protecting What’s Right for individuals, schools, and other entities, we work hard – not only so that individuals who have been harmed can be compensated – but also so that the interests of powerful corporations do not obscure the rights of the individual.

But we can’t do it alone.

And that’s where you come in.

We need every single person who has been injured to speak up and be willing to join the most precious mechanism for change that we have in this country: a lawsuit.

That’s why we’re asking you: If there is a potential lawsuit you could be a part of — whether that’s transvaginal mesh, Takata air bags, fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Avelox, Cipro or Levaquin or even PCBs in schools… now is the time to stand up.

The legacy of Martin Luther King demands it.

Contact us today at 866-723-1890 or contact us online; we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to do your part to Protect What’s Right in America.

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