Maria Shriver Tackles Domestic Abuse at the Genesis Women’s Shelter 30th Anniversary Luncheon

May 22, 2015  |  Other

Thirty years ago there was a woman in Texas who had to get out of a rough situation. Facing life-threatening domestic abuse, she had to get away, she had to find a new, a safe place to stay, just for a little while, while she got back on her feet.

The problem was, there was no place for the woman to go. There was no temporary safe place, no place to help her rebuild her life, no place to even offer shelter, at the very least, while she escaped harrowing domestic abuse.

“The closest place for you to go is in Jacksonville, Florida” — the woman in Texas was told.

And now you know how Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas, Texas was started. It’s a shelter that has supported women and families across Texas, helping them escape domestic abuse, rebuild their lives and save their families and children, too. Genesis Women’s Shelter is a key player in the fight against domestic abuse, helping to raise awareness community-by-community and shedding light on the dangers that lurk behind closed doors.

Thanks to Genesis, people today are coming to see domestic abuse not as a women’s issue, or a children’s issue, but as a threat that affects all people, one that all people must take part in to fix — and one that all people will benefit from, when domestic abuse ends for good.

We were honored to attend the Genesis Women’s Shelter’s 30th Anniversary Luncheon, an anniversary that celebrated 30 years since a person suffering from domestic abuse in Texas was told they’d have to go all the way to Florida to escape the abuse.

But it wasn’t just the team at Baron & Budd that was honored to attend the luncheon, so was Maria Shriver, a well-known advocate for women who was more than happy to lend her passion for helping abused women to the group.

Maria Shriver is a celebrity of the highest order — one who gives back, continuously, instead of simply “takes.” At the 30th Anniversary Luncheon, the audience was told how Maria Shriver had requested to visit the Genesis Women’s Shelter upon her arrival in Dallas, in order to meet with the people that Genesis is devoted to helping.

The request makes perfect sense but, according to Genesis, it was one of the first times a keynote speaker had ever requested to see the facility and meet the people the organization helped face-to-face. That may say quite a lot about other celebrities out there, other people in positions of using their celebrity to give big talks at luncheons.

For Maria Shriver, we think it says that she is one of us. She puts her heart first, does what she thinks is right and works to help those in need in any way she can.

We vote for more people like Shriver and the ongoing strength and vitality of the Genesis Women’s Shelter, an organization that is dear to our hearts that has helped so many.

We also extend our congratulations to The Dallas Morning News for their Deadly Affection series and to Adamson High School’s Head football coach Josh Ragsdale, who has sparked a grassroots effort to encourage all men to stand up against domestic violence.

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