Manning Up: How Fathers Can Help Their Families By Filing a Lawsuit

June 21, 2015  |  Other

This Father’s Day, we’ve got a bone to pick with the whole idea behind the saying “Be a Man.”

You see, in our many years as some of the most accomplished and nationally recognized lawyers in the country, we’ve seen our fair share of well-meaning men and fathers who think it is “unmanly” to file a lawsuit, even if they have been seriously hurt or injured by a powerful corporation, negligent pharmaceutical company or law-breaking oil and gas company. These men rightly think they have to “Be a Man” in the face of serious injuries and abuse — only, for whatever reason, they sometimes think that being a man means sitting on their hands, staying quiet and refusing to hold the company that hurt them accountable. For whatever reason, they’ve learned to equate being a man with staying quiet — perhaps because of some of the prejudices many people, both men and women, may have about lawsuits.

This Father’s Day, we’d like to do our part by thanking the men who DON’T stay quiet, the men who face the powers that be with tremendous strength and courage, the men who hold negligent companies accountable, and help force them to change their dangerous ways.

Like the men who were laid off from oilfield jobs without proper notice, or the men who suffered serious health complications from negligent and potentially very dangerous low-T drugs and supplements. Or even the young men who suffered from male breast growth development after taking the popular prescription drug Risperdal.

In each of these cases, the men who filed lawsuits saw what they had to do: They had to speak up, they had to stand tall, they had to file a lawsuit with a trusted lawyer in order to help change a dangerous system and help protect others who could be hurt in the future. It wasn’t about being a man and swallowing their emotions, hiding their suffering or pretending like they were tough and everything was okay. But it most certainly was about being a man and standing up for what is right — and helping to protect others in the process who could be similarly hurt.

More often than not, we’ve found that the men who are most ready and able to stand up for their rights and the rights of others are fathers. Which does make sense. After all, it’s fathers who understand so clearly how their actions may affect others. And it’s fathers who want to help their children and other young people, so that they may have a safe and happy future. It’s fathers who, time and time again, protect their families, their loved ones and their community.

It’s also fathers who make some of the best lawyers in the country, too. Just like Baron & Budd shareholder Burton LeBlanc. He has done a tremendous amount of good in his career as a lawyer, and has served in several key positions in the American Association for Justice (AAJ). He even recently served as the organization’s president. All of that, and he is also a devoted father.

It just goes to show that, when  Protecting What’s Right, fathers really are key.

So Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Baron & Budd. And thank you, dads, for all that you do.

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