Man Awarded $140 Million in Low-T Lawsuit

December 18, 2017  |  Dangerous Drugs & Devices, Pharmaceuticals

A federal jury in Chicago recently awarded a Tennessee man more than $140 million in a testosterone therapy lawsuit against the maker of a popular low-testosterone, or “Low-T,” medication known as AndroGel. AbbVie Inc., the maker of AndroGel, is appealing the verdict.

Severe Health Problems

The plaintiff in the lawsuit sued AbbVie because he said using AndroGel caused him to suffer a heart attack. The jury agreed, ordering the manufacturer to pay $140 million in punitive damages. The jury also ordered AbbVie to pay the plaintiff $140,000 in compensatory damages.

The plaintiff, according to the lawsuit, suffered a heart attack two months after receiving a prescription for AndroGel to address issues related to low testosterone levels. While the man eventually recovered, his attorney said the man would be affected for the remainder of his live.

In his lawsuit, the man alleged that AbbVie failed to properly test AndroGel for potential health risks. He also alleged that the company failed to disclose those risks to either doctors or their patients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration ordered the makers of testosterone therapy products to change their warning labels to reflect the increased risk of not only heart attacks but also strokes.

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