Why Is Lung Cancer on The Rise For Nonsmokers?

November 19, 2015  |  Mesothelioma

Why is it that the leading cause of cancer death in the United States faces the most stigma — the most seeming lack of care for its victims?

Lung cancer is the leading cancer cause of death for women in the United States, killing more women than breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer combined.

Lung cancer is the greatest cancer cause of death in men, too.

The sentiment is too often that the lung cancer patients are to blame for their ill health.

However, that common story is much more fiction than reality.

Did you know that many environmental factors are considered huge contributors to lung cancer? These environmental factors include contaminants in the air that may cause respiratory problems and other serious conditions, like lung cancer.

To understand how far from reality the negative stigma truly is  you need to consider the rise in lung cancer in male and female nonsmokers.

Around 20 percent of women who develop lung cancer have never smoked. Environmental factors are considered to be the root cause of this worrying growth in nonsmoker lung cancer.

Just like smoking, lung cancers caused by asbestos and other environmental factors are completely preventable. It’s just, it’s not up to us everyday individuals to quit or abstain. Instead, it’s up to the asbestos industry and other companies responsible for environmental contaminants to stand up and protect all of us from needless lung cancer deaths.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. We couldn’t think of a better time to start sharing and understanding the real truth behind lung cancer deaths.

Please share this blog to participate in efforts to spread the truth about lung cancer. And if you or someone you know was diagnosed with asbestos-related lung cancer or mesothelioma, you may be able to file a mesothelioma lawsuit before it’s too late. Contact us online or call us at 855-280-7664 for a free consult.

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