Drastic Safety Decline Threatening Patients in Livingston’s Timberwood Nursing & Rehab Center

April 6, 2016  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

We couldn’t say this more urgently. If you have a loved one in the Livingston Timberwood Nursing & Rehab Center, please, read up on the top signs of nursing home abuse and elder neglect and prepare yourself for the absolute worst — because this Livingston facility may really be just that dangerous to its residents.

We’re talking about a significant drop in its Medicare star rating last year — from four out of five stars to a measly one out of five stars. That poor star rating is in part due to nine health deficiencies reported in 2015, as well as four “immediate jeopardies.” One immediate jeopardy (or IJ) included a patient whose central venous catheter was improperly removed and led to the death of the patient.

Elder abuse and neglect is a growing concern in nursing homes across Texas. In Livingston’s Timberwood Nursing & Rehab Center, that concern could not be more pressing. Contact us immediately at 1.866.844.4556 or online if you suspect any nursing home abuse or neglect.

If you suspect nursing home abuse, please let us help you figure out what to do next to stop it. Call us at 1.866.844.4556 or contact us online today.

How to Protect Your Elderly Loved One From Abuse

If you are looking at nursing homes for your elderly loved one, it’s important to visit the home in person to see how the nursing home stacks up in real life versus on its website.

In addition, it’s important to research the nursing home’s standing with Medicare, as most nursing homes receive a significant amount of funding from Medicare and therefore are required to abide by Medicare’s quality standards and surveys. Understanding a facility’s star rating — both for this year and the last few years — helps to give you a clear overall impression of how well the nursing home is keeping up with the rigors of Medicare’s quality standards.

When To Call a Lawyer

Ideally, as soon as you can. Nursing home abuse and neglect is the kind of thing that creeps up on a person, the kind of thing you don’t notice until you cant NOT notice.
That’s why we encourage you to fully understand the top signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse, and to call a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as you can if you suspect your loved one is suffering at the hands of their nursing home.

What Else am I Missing?

One important factor that many people may not consider — until it’s too late — is the time constraint involved with nursing home abuse lawsuits. Not only is there a time constraint enforced by law, but there’s also a constraint in terms of making sure our lawyers have the time they need to gather evidence and perform our own investigatory work. If you suspect abuse, the time is now to act on it. Call us at 866-612-0246 or complete our contact form.

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Source: Medicare.gov

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