Baron and Budd Announces Involvement with the Lipitor Lawsuit

National Law Firm Begins Handling Lipitor Lawsuit Cases

DALLAS — (July 8, 2013) – The national law firm of Baron and Budd has begun handling Lipitor lawsuit cases involving the development of type 2 diabetes in women taking the popular cholesterol level-lowering drug Lipitor. Lipitor is a statin drug that is used to lower the “bad” cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides in the blood. Lipitor use is said to lower the risk for heart attack, certain types of heart surgery, stroke and chest pain in patients who have heart disease or who have risk factors such as high blood pressure or low “good” HDL cholesterol. However, a link has been alleged between type 2 diabetes and Lipitor use in women. Currently, Baron and Budd is handling Lipitor lawsuit cases involving women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) under 31 who developed type 2 diabetes while taking Lipitor.

“Our law firm is dedicated to helping people harmed by negligent corporations. Sadly, many women who took Lipitor to lower their cholesterol levels did so with the positive and important intent to take care of their health,” said Russell Budd, president and managing shareholder at Baron and Budd. “What they didn’t know was that Lipitor use may be associated with type 2 diabetes, a disease that can be dangerous and involves daily monitoring.”

There has been no recall of Lipitor due to its alleged association with developing type 2 diabetes. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has required that the manufacturer of Lipitor, Pfizer, list the associated risks of developing type 2 diabetes on the drug’s warning label. The FDA required Phizer to list the risk of developing type 2 diabetes after results from several studies discovered a link between Lipitor use and type 2 diabetes.

Baron and Budd asks that women who developed type 2 diabetes while taking Lipitor contact them immediately at 1.866.844.4556 for a free consultation to see if they have a Lipitor lawsuit. Patients who are currently taking Lipitor should also talk to their doctors before deciding to discontinue use of the medication.

Baron and Budd has been Protecting What’s Right for more than 35 years. From asbestos cancer to water contamination, the Gulf oil spill, financial fraud, deceptive advertising and dangerous drugs, Baron and Budd has established a national reputation as one of the leading plaintiffs’ law firms in the country. Baron and Budd has been selected eight times to the National Law Journal’s esteemed Plaintiff’s “Hot List” as an exemplary law firm. Most recently, Baron and Budd was chosen as a finalist for the Public Justice 2013 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award for its work on the atrazine contamination lawsuit. This is the fourth time in the past six years that Baron and Budd attorneys have been chosen as finalists for the Trial Lawyer of the Year Award.

To learn more about the Lipitor lawsuit or to see if you might have a case, call Baron and Budd at 1.866.844.4556 or visit the firm’s website at //

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