Linda Reinstein from ADAO Shares Her Perspective with the People of Baron and Budd

September 25, 2012  |  Mesothelioma
Linda Reinstein, center bottom in white, with members of Baron & Budd's asbestos care team.

Linda Reinstein, center bottom in white, with members of Baron & Budd’s asbestos care team.

Last week, Baron and Budd had the pleasure of receiving a visit from Linda Reinstein, co-founder of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO). Baron and Budd has had the pleasure of being an ADAO sponsor for three years and is a 2012 platinum sponsor. Reinstein took a break from her busy schedule to speak with our staff about her organization and to share the stories of the people that ADAO has served.

Reinstein co-founded ADAO in 2004 after going through her own personal experience with an asbestos-related disease. Her husband, Alan Reinstein, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2003. At the time, Reinstein recalls feeling alone and not being able to easily access the information and resources she desperately needed to cope with the situation. Unfortunately, her husband did pass away as a result of the disease and Reinstein was determined to have her voice and the voice of others affected by asbestos-related diseases heard. 

Since 2004, ADAO has been an unyielding force, giving those affected by asbestos a unified voice in raising awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure. The non-profit organization advances its mission through national and international education, advocacy and community initiatives. ADAO also hosts its own annual conference in addition to being represented at multiple asbestos and mesothelioma conferences across the globe.

ADAO is a recognized leader in social media with a massive following on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Reinstein, a self-taught social technology expert, says she decided to use social media because she wanted to strengthen her voice and reach out to others like herself. She now has a following that rivals some of the top celebrities and has created an international discussion that continues to grow.

Linda Reinstein addresses a group at Baron & Budd.

Linda Reinstein addresses a group at Baron & Budd

Reinstein spoke to the staff at Baron and Budd about the importance of ADAO’s work and the impact the organization has had on the lives of asbestos victims and the global discussion on asbestos disease. She shared her own story of heartbreak and loss and explained why it is so important for ADAO to continue its mission of spreading awareness, educating the public and finding a cure.

During Reinstein’s visit, she was able to sit down with several departments of the law firm and share with the staff her keen insight that she has gained from many years of developing relationships with mesothelioma victims. Reinstein was able to a give a new and enlightening perspective to those who work with clients about the best possible way to meet and exceed their expectations. Reinstein’s perspective truly is a priceless commodity and Baron and Budd is fortunate to have had her visit.  ADAO maintains complete objectivity and does not give any legal or medical referrals. Baron and Budd respects ADAO’s strict objectivity in a field that is full of so much “legal noise.”

Over the past three years, Baron and Budd has been a sponsor of ADAO and fully supports the work of the non-profit. Visits like the one from Reinstein reaffirms the work that Baron and Budd has been doing for over the past 35 years and it was a pleasure to hear about the impact ADAO has made on the lives of so many individuals.

Baron and Budd is proud to be a supporter of ADAO and looks forward to the next visit from Linda Reinstein. For more on ADAO and Linda Reinstein, visit here.

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