Leveling the Playing Field Against Your Insurance Company

February 24, 2017  |  Other, Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are increasingly turning to money-saving tactics that have turned the insurer-insured relationship from communal to adversarial. Carriers routinely balk at paying claims just when policyholders need them the most. If you are a property manager and have encountered problems with your insurance carrier, you need someone on your side to level the playing field.

A Recent Example

Hurricane Matthew cut a path of devastation through parts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, killing dozens and causing billions of dollars in damage. Many property managers filed insurance claims thinking their carrier would be cooperative – only to find the opposite was true.

Unfortunately, this is just another example of how insurance carriers often claim they will be there to help when disaster strikes, but instead are only committed to preserving their bottom line. They may say that they would go bankrupt if they paid the full value of all claims after a disaster the scope of Matthew, but the fact is they are merely motivated by profit.

Where Do You Turn?

So where can you turn if you run into an insurance company that insists on lowballing your claim? You might first think of your insurance agent, but he or she will typically act in the carrier’s best interests, not yours.

You should seriously consider turning to a law firm with experience in first party insurance disputes. This will be your best chance of standing up to a powerful insurance carrier by making sure your rights are protected. Baron & Budd, along with co-counsel Childress, Loucks & Plunkett, have the experience you need in order to help you obtain the full compensation you deserve.

If you would like to learn more about how we may be able to help, please complete our contact form or call 866-723-1890.

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