Was Your Elderly Loved One Hurt by Legacy Rehabilitation in Amarillo?

March 22, 2016  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

Legacy Rehabilitation in Amarillo, Texas may have one of the worst quality and safety ratings in Texas — with a Medicare rating totaling at one out of five stars. That poor rating does not come randomly or accidentally. Instead, it signifies mistake after mistake being made in the facility — errors that may significantly threaten the health and safety of your elderly loved one.

The one- out of five-star rating may partly be due to 12 health deficiencies noted in the facility last year. Consequently, Legacy Rehabilitation was denied federal payment from Medicare and Medicaid in July of 2015.

How Do You Know When Your Loved One Was Hurt By Legacy Rehabilitation?

Dramatic and abrupt shifts in mood, thinking or physical health may be a red flag.

Baron & Budd’s nursing abuse attorneys recognize elder abuse and mistreatment in a nursing home as belonging in four distinct categories:

Emotional Abuse: Including threats, name-calling, or other abusive language.

If you hear verbal cues of emotional abuse, pay attention: they may mean that other forms of emotional or even physical abuse or neglect are occurring behind closed doors.

Medical Negligence: Including prescribing wrong medications, overmedicating, overdosing or failing to provide necessary medical care. Often, infection or sepsis may be a clear indication that medical neglect occurred in a nursing facility.

In addition, failure to provide necessary staff assistance may lead to pressure sores, falls and fractures, head injuries, brain injuries or other serious bodily injuries including broken hips. Wandering resulting in injury may also occur because of a lack of proper staff assistance, availability or monitoring.

Physical Abuse: Including asphyxiation or choking, burning, cutting, scratching, throwing, hitting, signs of bruising or overuse of physical or chemical restraints.

Sexual Abuse: Including signs of bruising, cuts or scratches near private parts or dramatic shift in resident’s mood — seemingly happening “overnight.”

The reality is, caring for elderly residents in nursing homes is not an easy task — it requires tremendous sensitivity, empathy and patience. However, instead of nursing homes like Legacy Rehabilitation attracting and responsibly training caring staff, they may be cutting staffing jobs left and right, poorly training staff and looking the other way when serious cases of elder abuse or neglect occur.

Don’t let your loved one get hurt in Legacy Rehabilitation — or any other nursing home in Texas.

Stay vigilant. Keep your eyes open. Visit frequently and when you can’t visit call and ask to speak to your loved one.

Because Legacy Rehabilitation has proven itself a and low quality of care nursing home, making sure your elderly loved one is safe is unfortunately a responsibility that may rest largely in your hands.

To learn more about nursing home abuse and what you can do to stop the abuse once it starts, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer at 866-612-0246.

You may have more legal rights than you think — and a nursing home lawsuit may be able to compensate you or your loved one enough to provide better quality elderly care. To learn more, call us at 866-612-0246 or complete our contact form.

Source: Medicare.gov

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