Laura Baughman of Baron & Budd, P.C. Applauds Free Blood Testing for Frisco Residents Concerned About Lead

November 11, 2010  |  Press Releases

Lead Emissions From Exide Battery Recycling Plant Pose Possible Health Issue For Children

DALLAS (November 11, 2010) – After recent concerns about lead emissions, Exide Technologies will offer free blood tests to Frisco, Texas residents who are concerned that the fumes from company’s local battery-recycling plant are a health threat to area children. Laura Baughman, shareholder at the Dallas-based law firm of Baron & Budd, P.C., applauded the creation of the program, and encourages all Frisco residents to get their blood tested.

“The important issue here is that elevated levels of lead in blood can seriously impact children,” said Baughman. “Children under the age of 7 are especially vulnerable because their developing nervous systems are particularly sensitive to the effects of lead. Lead exposure can cause permanent learning or behavioral disorders, delayed growth, diminished IQ and, at high levels, serious brain damage in children.  With respect to children, there is no known safe level of exposure to lead.”

Exide’s Frisco plant is the only facility in the south-central United States that has been identified as not meeting newer, more stringent lead emission standards. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a two-square mile area around the Frisco plant, known as a non-attainment zone, has higher emissions than natural air quality standards permit. The non-attainment zone includes several schools, downtown Frisco, and Pizza Hut Park.

Last year, the Exide battery-recycling planet in Frisco emitted approximately 1.67 tons of lead during its operations.

“I highly recommend that all Frisco residents – especially children — take advantage of the blood testing,” added Baughman.

Public concern about air quality throughout the country was raised in 2008 when USA Today released an in-depth report on air quality around America’s schools. The increased awareness helped lead to the passage of more stringent federal air quality standards in 2008.

Baron & Budd has been a leader in work to protect America’s children. In 2008, the firm successfully negotiated a settlement to protect children from harmful diesel fumes emitted by school buses and, most recently, the firm took a stand about the disclosure of elevated levels of lead in certain brands of fruit juice, canned fruits and baby foods marketed to children.

For more information about the effects of lead exposure, call 800.946.9646.

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