Why This Kentucky Nursing Home State Report Sends Chills Down Our Spines

February 16, 2016  |  Serious Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse

Members of the Kentucky Office of the Inspector General led an investigation in August of this year that sends chills down our spine.

The investigation found that 12 residents were abused by three staff members: a licensed practical nurse, a registered nurse and a state registered nurse’s aide. All three of these staff members worked on shifts together at the Edmonson Center in Brownsville. They have all been fired.

These nursing home employees inflicted physical and emotional abuse on elderly residents that included:

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  • Putting soap into a resident’s mouth; putting a gloved finger into a resident’s mouth
  • Slapping a resident
  • Pinching residents’ noses and breasts
  • Dropping a naked resident into bed and even jumping on a resident’s bed before pretending to vomit in the resident’s ear
  • Pouring bath water with ice cubes on a resident
  • Demanding that residents make clucking noises like a chicken
  • Demanding a resident go to bed by six p.m. each evening and denying the resident access to a personal computer


To make matters worse, ten staff members apparently witnessed the above abuse and yet did not speak up or intervene. In addition, some of the abuse was recorded on video with a smartphone.

According to the investigation, the other staff members who witnessed the abuses were threatened with retaliation by the licensed practical nurse who is suspected of participating in the abuse. This practical nurse apparently believed that he and his two colleagues were “untouchable.” In addition, he threatened to make the lives of anyone who reported their abuse a “living hell.”

We sincerely hope this sort of elderly abuse is something that you and your elderly loved one NEVER experiences. But if you do experience elderly abuse, either as a witness or a loved one of someone who you suspect was abused, we encourage you: Speak Up. Do Something.

Elderly residents are all too often not in positions to demand justice when they have been injured. That’s why they have family and loved ones like you who can stand up for them when they need it most.

Call a nursing home abuse lawyer at 866-612-0246 or contact us online if you suspect your elderly loved one is being hurt by their nursing home in Kentucky.

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