IVC Filter Bellwether Trials Set to Begin

IVC filter lawsuits are now being heard in court, and these “bellwether” trials will go a long way toward determining the course of future litigation. The first cases involve lawsuits against IVC filter manufacturer Cook Medical.

Why Bellwether Trials are Important

Bellwether trials are a critical component of multi-district litigation cases such as IVC filter lawsuits. The reason is that the outcomes of these trials will largely determine how future cases against that manufacturer will be decided. There are several manufacturers involved in lawsuits claiming their defective filters caused severe complications, such as Cordis and C.R. Bard.

Is an IVC Filter Lawsuit Right for You?

People across the country are filing lawsuits against IVC filter manufacturers after suffering serious health complications due to device malfunctions. The device has been known to fracture, sending pieces of metal throughout a patient’s body. Many times these pieces become lodged in major organs, leading to severe pain and other problems, including death.

Plaintiffs in lawsuits are claiming that manufacturers failed to inform doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professionals about the potential for IVC filter malfunctions. They also claim some manufacturers were aware of problems and tried to silence critics and hide defects.

You may be able to obtain compensation if you have been harmed due to a defective IVC filter. If you have experienced pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses or other damages to a malfunction, you should seriously consider all of your legal options.

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