Is Essure Worth the Risk?

Essure California Ruling

When it received FDA approval in 2002, Essure® was marketed as a safe, effective method of permanent birth control. Many women relied on it to prevent unwanted pregnancies without having to undergo a tubal ligation or other invasive, surgical procedure. Essure® was advertised to be a non-surgical, non-hormonal option that would provide permanent reproductive control by blocking the entrance of eggs into the fallopian tubes.

Essure® is a small, flexible coil made of nickel-titanium alloy that is inserted into each fallopian tube. Over the course of approximately three months, the inserts form scar tissue. This scar tissue creates a barrier that blocks the fallopian tubes, thereby preventing fertilization. Unfortunately, many women implanted with Essure have experienced a variety of complications. Included among the wide range of side effects are:

  • pelvic and/or abdominal pain
  • allergic reactions
  • bleeding
  • coil migration
  • organ perforation
  • migraines
  • ectopic pregnancy

The range and severity of the health risks and side effects associated with this device have prompted women all over the country to file lawsuits against the manufacturer, Conceptus, Inc. (a subsidiary of pharmaceutical powerhouse Bayer AG). Women claim that neither they nor their doctors were made aware of the potential side effects and health risks associated with this technique.

These lawsuits are gaining ground and accuse the drug manufacturer of misrepresenting Essure® and concealing its side effects. The lawsuits further allege that the initial FDA approval was based on questionable studies and results. Few things can be as disheartening and emotionally trying as placing your trust in a healthcare device only to discover that it has actually caused more harm than you were warned of or prepared for.

If you or a loved one had the Essure® birth control device implanted and suffered side effects, call Baron & Budd at 866-750-3386 or complete our contact form. We’re here to help women injured by Essure® seek justice.

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