How a Medical Device Can Puncture a Vein: The Ins and Outs of IVC Filters Part 2

]Most patients who were hurt by IVC filters are surprised to find out how dangerous IVC filters may be — and how complicated and long-standing the risks associated with IVC filters may be. We’ve compiled some of the top questions we’ve heard from potential IVC filter lawsuit clients. We hope the answers help you make some sense of the IVC filter complications.

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What makes a “good”IVC filter lawsuit?

You, or a loved one, may have a strong IVC filter lawsuit if you were seriously injured by the IVC filters or you had a loved one  pass away from complications relating to an IVC filter. The types of injuries that typically mean you have a “good” case are those where the IVC filter has migrated, or perforated an organ or artery, or has become so embedded in the body that it is no longer able to be removed.

How many people were hurt?

At this time we do not have a specific number. However, over hundreds of thousands of individuals are estimated to have been implanted with IVC filters already— and that number may keep growing. Of these people, the FDA only receives a small percentage of reports detailing the complications with the IVC filters and umber is already significant. In 2005 alone, when the risks associated with “permanent” IVC filters were just coming out, the FDA had already received almost 1,000 adverse event reports. We expect the number to keep growing.

What did the manufacturers do?

Our IVC filter lawyers believe that the manufacturers of IVC filters failed to properly warn doctors about the importance of removing IVC filters, potentially, even wrongly, telling doctors that they were permanent, even though they may not have been. In addition, our IVC filter lawyers believe that the manufacturers of IVC filters failed to properly warn doctors and patients alike of the potential side effects. Perhaps most worrisome of all, we have found that many hospitals do not even have a system in place to keep track of patients that have had the filter implanted in order to remind them that it needs to be removed. This is very much a problem that continues today.

It’s important to understand that at Baron & Budd, an IVC lawyer will NOT go after your doctor or hospital. We believe that the fault lies with the manufacturers of IVC filters. It was their duty to inform doctors, hospitals and patients with all the relevant information they needed to stay safe while using IVC filters.

If you were hurt by an IVC filter, you may contact an IVC filter lawyer at 866-731-7909 or complete our contact form for a free and confidential consult. A Baron & Budd IVC filter lawyer can talk to you about your legal options and help you decide if an IVC filter lawsuit is right for you.

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