How a Medical Device Can Puncture a Vein: The Ins and Outs of IVC Filters Part 1

We’re hearing from a lot of patients and their loved ones who were seriously injured by IVC filters. Whether they suffered from the device moving from where it was first implanted, breaking apart or becoming so entangled in the patient’s body that it cannot be removed, all patients share one common denominator: They can’t believe this happened. They can’t believe that such a potentially dangerous medical device could have been allowed on the market and implanted in countless patients for so long.

If you were hurt by an IVC filter, an IVC filter lawyer at Baron & Budd can answer  your questions about your legal options. You may contact an IVC filter lawyer at 866-731-7909 or to contact us online for a free and confidential consultation.

To help you sift through all the information out there regarding IVC filter lawsuits, we’ve compiled a list of our most common questions and answers relating to IVC filters. We hope this helps you gain a little clarity about IVC filters and your legal options.

IVC Filter Questions & Answers

When did the problems first start?

Sufficient evidence of widespread complications in patients have existed since at least 2005, when the FDA received almost 1,000 adverse event reports from patients who were injured or their doctors.  These complications can occur in patients weeks after the device is implanted.

Why not just remove the filter?

Unfortunately, once the damage becomes evident to the patient and doctor, it is often too late.

Once an IVC filter has migrated, become embedded or punctured an organ, it is typically too dangerous to remove the filter. Even though the device is hurting them, patients are often told that removing the IVC filter could cause more harm than leaving the filter in the vein or organ to which it migrated. Additionally, temporary IVC filters may not be removed because a patient’s insurance does not cover the surgery or because the patient is unaware that the IVC filter was implanted in the first place.  Although it may seem odd to not know that you had a device implanted, it’s possible.  This typically occurs when there is a traumatic injury and the device is implanted swiftly because there is no time to wait for a blood thinner to take effect.

How much time do I have to file an IVC filter lawsuit?

There is no “quick” answer on how much time you have to file an IVC filter lawsuit.  It’s best not to waste time as each state has a different length of time in which you can file a lawsuit.  If you do not file within that period of time, you permanently lose your ability to file a lawsuit for your IVC filter claim.  Even if you just recently discovered that your injuries are related to the IVC filter you had implanted, the clock is running on the amount of time that you have to file a lawsuit.

We encourage anyone who was hurt by IVC filters or whose loved one was hurt by the medical device to call an IVC filter lawyer at 866-731-7909 or to contact us online as soon as possible. Because of the time-sensitive nature of IVC filters, you may be running out of time to file an IVC filter lawsuit.

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