How to Choose a Lawyer After an Oilfield Accident Injury

February 15, 2017  |  Serious Accidents

When someone suffers an injury in an oilfield accident, the at-fault party or parties should be held responsible. It could be the employer for not ensuring a safe workplace, the manufacturer of a part that malfunctioned, or one of several other potentially liable parties. In order to obtain full compensation for the injury you have suffered, it will be extremely important to find an experienced, skilled attorney to fight for your rights. Here are some ways to go about it.


Your attorney needs to not only have experience in cases like yours, but also a track record of success. A seasoned lawyer will give you the best chance of winning because he or she knows how to gather the solid evidence needed to support your case.


Most oilfield accident attorneys will never ask for any upfront fees. Instead, he or she will be paid out of the compensation you receive should you win your case. Make sure you find out whether or not the lawyers you are considering will ask you to pay out of pocket before they take your case.

Schedule Consultations

Once you narrow down your list to two or three lawyers, schedule a consultation with each of them so you can get a feel for the type of representation he or she would provide to you. If you are able to meet in the attorney’s office, pay close attention to the way you are treated – not just by the lawyer, but also any members of his or her staff you may encounter. This will give you a good indication of how you’ll be treated should you become a client.

Finally, and most importantly, trust your gut. As long as you have been diligent in your selection process, there is a very good chance that the lawyer you select will be the right choice.

At Baron & Budd we not only have a great deal of experience representing oilfield workers, we also have a strong track record of success in helping them obtain the compensation they deserve. Find out for yourself what we have to offer by calling 866-974-0818 or clicking here to contact us online and schedule a consultation.

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