Stop, Drop and Roll: What to Do if Your GM Car Crashed Because of the Ignition Recall Problem

May 5, 2014  |  Class Actions

Sometimes the best lessons in life can be learned from what we teach our children.

Case in point?

What to do if you were involved in a car wreck that you think may be related to the GM faulty ignition recall, as told by the edict of stop, drop and roll.



You know that impulse you have to learn all you can about the GM recall, to read all the latest news and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your car wreck may have been related to the GM faulty ignition recall problem — all before you call a lawyer? Stop that.

The GM recall lawyers are here to help you figure out if and where you stand in the GM recall lawsuit. Why? It is very difficult for most people who were involved in a car wreck that was related to the GM faulty ignition recall to understand what happened. Some may have lost consciousness in the car wreck. Some may have had their cars towed. Some people may have found that the accident report the police filed had very important details missing.

This is not an easy problem to understand and you can and should enlist the help of a GM recall lawyer as soon as you can — let them do the work (work that is free and confidential at Baron and Budd) to find out whether you have a potential GM recall lawsuit case.


So you’ve stopped what you were doing — you’ve stopped trying to figure things out all by yourself.

Now it’s time to get down in the trenches with a GM recall lawyer via a free and confidential consult. In this consult, our GM recall lawyer will help you to understand the GM recall lawsuit and will pull all information they need from you to understand whether you have a case or not. Our GM recall lawyer will likely tell you what other information we need you to get —documents from your insurance company or medical bills, for instance.

This is the time when we dig deep to find out why your car wreck happened — and what you can do about it now.


While the above are important steps to take, this is the part that can actually save your life in a fire. The roll —it’s about taking action.

And, so far as it comes to the GM recall lawsuit, action has to be taken fast.

If our GM recall lawyer determines that you have a potential case, then we will help you file a GM recall lawsuit quickly, at no cost to you as our lawyers work on a contingency fee — meaning, we do not get paid until you get paid.

So there you have it.

Stop, Drop and Roll.

If you were injured in a car wreck that could have been related to the GM faulty ignition recall, please do not panic and freeze. Instead, take action now so we can help you blow out that fire together.

Call our GM recall lawyer at 866.472.9108 or email us here to get started.

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