Baron and Budd Files Lawsuit Against GM Regarding Recent Faulty Ignition Recall

Recall May Affect More Than 1.6 Million GM Vehicles, Linked to 12 Deaths

SAN FRANCISCO –(March 25, 2014) –Baron and Budd, along with co-counsel, has filed a lawsuit against automobile manufacturer GM regarding the company’s recent recall of more than 1.6 million vehicles that are believed to have faulty ignitions. According to news reports, the faulty ignitions may cause certain GM vehicles to stall or suddenly turn off, or even cause the air bag system to fail during an accident. The faulty ignitions have already been linked to 12 deaths, according to reports in The New York Times. Baron and Budd is working with Grant & Eisenhofer, P.A., The Cooper Firm and others in the lawsuit, including the former Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court and the former U.S. Attorney for West Virginia.

The lawsuit, filed yesterday in the U.S. District Court for Northern California, states that GM knew its ignition system may have created an increased risk of injury as early as 2001, but failed to take the necessary steps to correct the issue. GM has also publicly stated that the keys in the affected vehicles could accidentally slip out of the “run” position while the car’s engine was running.

As reported in The New York Times, GM has told federal regulators that the company may have known about the defective ignition switches as early as 2001, during testing of the Saturn Ion. According to GM, if the faulty ignition is bumped or weighed down by a heavy key ring, it could shut down the vehicle completely and disable the air bags.

“The real question here is why GM waited for so long to issue this recall,” said Roland Tellis, a lawyer at Baron and Budd. “Quite simply, we filed this case to hold GM accountable to its loyal customers.” Tellis added: “Old GM was financially bankrupt, I hope new GM is not morally bankrupt.”

The recall has already sparked a government investigation.

The vehicles affected by the recent recall include: the 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, the 2006-2007 Chevrolet HHR, the 2006-2007 Pontiac Solstice, the 2005-2007 Pontiac G5, the 2003-2006 Saturn Ion and the 2006-2007 Saturn Sky Vehicle.

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