Baron & Budd Investigating Potential Lawsuits Regarding Alleged Emissions Fraud Committed by General Motors

May 30, 2017  |  Class Actions, Press Releases
Traffic Emissions

Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups fitted with “Duramax” diesel engines allegedly altered to pass emissions tests

DALLAS – May 30, 2017 – The national law firm of Baron & Budd announced today it is investigating potential lawsuits related to recent allegations that General Motors installed “defeat devices” on more than 705,000 GM Duramax branded diesel trucks. As a result of this alleged manipulation, GM’s top-selling Silverado and Sierra pickups may generate two-to-five times more pollution in day-to-day use than in emission certification testing environments.

To meet environmental standards, any trucks that have “defeat devices” will require modifications that could reduce horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. The vehicles potentially impacted include the following models manufactured between 2011 and 2016:

  • GM Sierra 2500HD
  • GM Sierra 3500 HD
  • Silverado 2500HD
  • Silverado 3500HD

GM is the fifth auto manufacturer to be accused of cheating on diesel emissions since the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal in 2015.  Other manufacturers accused of cheating on diesel emissions tests include Mercedes-Benz, Fiat Chrysler, Peugeot, and Renault.

“It is truly disheartening that after four carmakers have been put in the spotlight for allegedly evading emissions tests, we have reason to believe that one of the largest U.S. auto manufacturers may have engaged in the same manipulation,” said Roland Tellis, head of the Consumer Class Action group at the national law firm of Baron & Budd. “Consumers have many choices when purchasing vehicles, and recent allegations suggest that environmentally-conscious consumers were seriously misled when they selected a GM pickup with a Duramax engine.”

Baron & Budd brings extensive expertise to class action cases involving auto manufacturers. Tellis was appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in the Volkswagen “Clean Diesel” case, a multi-state class action involving hundreds of thousands of vehicles equipped with “defeat devices” designed to evade emissions laws. Additionally, Tellis is one of three lawyers appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in a multi-state class action lawsuit against Takata involving tens of millions of vehicles equipped with a defective airbag inflator.

If you own or lease one of the GM heavy-duty pickups affected by these allegations, your vehicle may lose value or require costly repairs to bring it into compliance with the Clean Air Act. As a result, you may be able to obtain compensation. Please call 866-700-8994 if you would like more information.


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