This Fourth of July Baron & Budd Reflects on What “Protecting What’s Right” is All About

July 4, 2015  |  Other

To us, “Protecting What’s Right” is more than just a company motto – it’s a commitment to standing up for the rights of the people we represent.

The United States was founded on many of the principles we are so proud to fight for today. As you enjoy your friends, family and great times this Fourth of July, try and take a little time to remember just what makes this commitment to justice so special.

As a country, we stand today as strong as ever, united in our belief that America is the greatest nation in the world. Sure, we have our differences in many areas – that’s to be expected in a country with such a diverse grouping of people and philosophies. While we may not all subscribe to the same political views, we will fight for the right of all people to express those views. We will never allow anyone to take away our rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” words which appeared on the Declaration of Independence which we celebrate every year.

Baron & Budd attorneys take our motto extremely seriously and put it to use each and every day. We refuse to allow the clients we serve to be victimized due to greed. Whether we are representing a construction worker with an asbestos-related disease who unknowingly put his life in jeopardy simply by reporting to work each day, or employees demanding fair pay for the hours they put in each and every week, all of our team members are dedicated to “Protecting What’s Right.”

We have stayed true to our philosophy ever since we first started nearly 40 years ago. With perseverance and tenacity, we have grown into one of the most respected plaintiffs’ law firms in the nation. Baron & Budd fought a two-decade legal battle that helped shape the state of Arizona’s pollution laws; a case considered by many legal experts as one of the most important regarding personal injuries caused by polluted water.

Our firm is one of many examples in this country of those not afraid to take on intimidating competition because of their unshakeable belief in the worthiness of their cause. Case in point is the many battles we have fought – and won – against the pharmaceutical industry. When we see industry giants putting profits ahead of people’s health, we put forth whatever amount of effort is necessary to penalize that behavior severely.

Baron & Budd attorneys have filed many lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs who were potentially harmed by medications and medical devices that were supposed to help them. We took on pharmaceutical behemoth GlaxoSmithKline and held them responsible for marketing Avandia, a drug that led to serious health complications and death in many patients who took it. In that historic case, we represented several states in a lawsuit that was eventually settled for $177 million.

As long as there are people who need our help, we will continue to fight on their behalf. We’ve been “Protecting What’s Right” for four decades, and that commitment will never change.

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