Ford Electronic Throttle Body Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

April 18, 2018  |  Class Actions

It sounds like a nightmare scenario, but it has been all too real for many motorists in recent years. You’re traveling full speed down a highway when all of a sudden your car loses power. As you slow to a crawl, you frantically search for a place to pull over.

If you have a Ford F-150, Ford Expedition, Ford Transit, or a Lincoln Navigator with a 3.5L engine made from 2015-2016, a problem with a component known as an electronic throttle body (ETB) could lead to loss of power. If this is the case, we would like to speak with you. Please get in touch with Baron & Budd by calling 866-399-3814 or complete our contact form to get started online.

Ford agreed to recall and repair some automobiles and SUVs with ETB problems. The company announced a “customer satisfaction program” for some of those whose vehicles had an ETB defect. However, the program does not apply to everyone.

Take Action to Protect Your Rights

There are ways you can stand up for your rights. If you have one of the following models, get in touch with Baron & Budd to see if you can participate in a class action lawsuit:

  • 2015 and 2016 Ford F-150 (w/3.5L GTDI engine)
  • 2016 Lincoln Navigator (w/3.5L GTDI engine)
  • 2016 Ford Expedition (w/3.5L GTDI engine)
  • 2016 Ford Transit (w/3.5L GTDI engine)

At Baron & Budd, we have a great deal of experience in class action litigation and we are committed to keeping the roads safe by holding corporations responsible for negligence. If you would like to learn more about how we may be able to help, give us a call at ”ford” or complete our contact form for a confidential consultation.

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