True Life: How Fluoroquinolone-Associated Disability Hurt Me

February 17, 2016  |  Dangerous Drugs & Devices, FLQ, Pharmaceuticals

You never think that this would happen to you — taking an antibiotic (something that’s supposed to help you; something that’s supposed to be easy; something that you’ve done countless times!) and then suffering dearly.

Emergency visits clock up. More medicine to ease the pain — to treat the extreme, the unthinkable, the unfathomable fatigue — the flurrying to and from doctor appointments as the symptoms stack up while the doctors scratch their head.

You never think this would happen to you, of course, until it happens. And it happens every day.

Millions of prescriptions are written each year for fluoroquinolone antibiotics. That’s a plain and simple fact that doesn’t sound so devious at all. But that’s until you learn more of the story.

The story being us, our pain, our suffering, all these tremendous symptoms and side effects that are so hard to pin down and even harder to treat, the fact that this all could have been avoided if many of us were prescribed a different antibiotic; the fact that there are other antibiotics that maybe are not so bad. But not these.

Avelox. Cipro. Levaquin. Fill the prescription. Swallow the pillow. It all seems so very, very easy.

And then you get that nerve damage. Then you get those problems with your nervous system or senses. You get the heart problems, the muscle problems, that plain-old inability, maybe the inability, too, to get your brain to talk to your hand and make sure that it moves.

Little things we did all the time, everyday. You don’t appreciate it until it goes away. Or, rather, until it’s taken.

So here’s what we do now. Here’s the only thing.

We stand up, and we tell our stories. Because it’s all too easy to get stuck in our little patient world. To sink smaller and smaller and hurry to this doctor then that doctor and then sleep and pause and watch the world pass by.

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics hurt us deeply. They took our lives away; they made what was once so easy all but impossible now. They ruined us, really. And now fluoroquinolone antibiotics, no matter all those facts, no matter all those hard stories, they may be doing that to the next unsuspecting patient and the next just as we speak.

It’s just one prescription slip. Just one swallowed pill or two or three. Just a simple antibiotic, and then it may permanent, and then the damage may be done.

And yet nobody knows because these stories weren’t being told. Until now.

If you’ve been hurt by Avelox, Levaquin or Cipro, then share your story. Share it on our Facebook page, share it in the blog below. Share this blog with your friends and family. Let the world know it’s not in your head, it’s not just bad luck, it’s not one of those other things, some other things.

It’s a simple antibiotic you took without a second-thought. You took it because you thought it was good for you, you took it because you were prescribed it by a doctor who wasn’t told about the true risks. You took it because you didn’t know. But now, oh now, you know.

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