Celebrating the United States Flag: Protecting Your Rights

June 14, 2015  |  Other

The United States flag is an emblem for freedom and human rights around the world.

It is our flag with each of its fifty stars signifying our nation’s commitment to democracy and human rights around the world. It is our flag that waves, forever reminding us that the United States is the “land of the free and the home of the brave!”

Today marks the 99th year of celebrating our nation’s flag. President Woodrow Wilson officially established the first ever Flag Day on June 14th, 1916. That was over a century after our nation’s flag was first adopted in 1777 by the resolution of the Second Continental Congress. While our nation may have been founded on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we’ve still come a long way towards including all people in these most basic rights: we’ve grown exponentially as a country both in terms of population and as the emblem for democracy and as a protector of rights and freedoms around the world.

Today, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness finally includes all people, for instance — not just the rich landowners but also their wives — and also the working, the poor, the disenfranchised and people from all races and backgrounds. Say what you want about where we stand today, but there is no doubt that we are more inclusive as a nation than we have ever been. Today, all people are protected here in some way. All people have rights to work, to vote and to own land — all people have opportunity (— though some may have more than others!).

We’ve come a long way as a country, but there’s always more progress to be made. We can’t wait for the day when our country takes a real stand against negligent big businesses like the Big Banks that catapulted our economy to a downward slide, one that some of us are still suffering from greatly, or the dangerous industries like the tobacco industry, asbestos industry or sometimes negligent Big Pharma companies.

Luckily, we have the United States flag on our side. We have the land of the free and the home of the brave. The Stars and Stripes represent freedom – and justice for all.

It’s been said before that the good always wins. It may take some time, there may be some stumbles, there may be some suffering or even aggressive disagreements, but the good in the United States has always won.

At Baron & Budd we are committed to working towards the freedoms and individual rights represented by the American flag. It is a commitment that we take seriously and one that, also, we feel very confident in — it doesn’t take a lot of time talking to the people we represent to know that we have good on our side. We have devoted mothers who took Depakote only to birth a child with significant birth defects, mothers who are speaking up with Depakote lawsuits to stand up for other mothers and families. We have young men who took Risperdal only to suffer male breast growth development, men who are now standing up with Risperdal lawsuits to fight back against the negligent Big Pharma company that misled them.

These people may have suffered greatly, at the fate of negligent corporations that should have done more to respect their life and freedom. But, these people, they have good on their side. And we’ll do everything we can to make sure they get the justice they deserve.

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