Last Call: June 8 is the Absolute FINAL DEADLINE to File Claims Against BP For the Gulf Oil Spill

February 9, 2015  |  Environmental

If you or your business suffered an economic loss due to the BP Gulf Oil Spill, you may be able to file a claim to receive financial compensation. However, the last date to file a BP claim is June 8, 2015. We repeat: June 8 is the absolute final deadline to file claims against BP for the Gulf Oil Spill.

What that means is: If you or your business was hurt by the BP Gulf Oil Spill and you have not yet filed a claim against BP, you must do so before June 8 — or else lose the opportunity to hold BP accountable and receive financial compensation.

Filing a claim against BP should not be difficult or time-consuming for you; however, you will likely need help. Which is why our firm, with over thirty-five years of experience helping people with environmental-related claims, is offering to help those hurt by BP.

 For example, businesses that may have been hurt by the BP Gulf Oil Spill include hotels, resorts and tourism gift shops.   Many other types of businesses  may be able to file claims as well.

To learn more, contact one of our BP Gulf Oil Spill lawyers at 866-364-6376 or contact us online. We also promise to provide you with a free and confidential consult and the assistance you need to learn whether you have a claim — and what you need to do next if you do.

We have worked with many of the businesses and individuals hurt by the BP Spill. Many of these businesses and individuals have already filed claims. However, if you have been in contact with one of our lawyers at Baron and Budd and have lost touch — or just haven’t had the time to finish the paperwork — now is the time to do so. It is not too late — though it will be too late soon!

We encourage you to act quickly to find out whether you have a potential BP claim and what you need to do should you be able to submit a claim. That’s because, while June 8 may be the official cut-off deadline, the BP claims do take some time. Leaving the claim to the last minute — or even the last two months — could end up costing you.

You can call us for a free and confidential consult to find out whether you may participate in the BP Gulf Oil Spill claims program by calling us at 866-364-6376 or contacting us online. We hope to help you hold BP accountable for the damage they did to your businesses and town.

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