North Carolina Woman Blames Essure for Years of Misery

We publish a lot of blogs concerning problems associated with medical devices in order to provide information about the risks. But sometimes, it takes a personal story of suffering to highlight just how dangerous some of these risks can be.

An article that appeared on the website of Cosmopolitan magazine on March 3 tells exactly that type of story.

A Life-Threatening Problem

The article told the story of Michelle Morton, a North Carolina mother who had the Essure birth control device implanted in 2012. Shortly afterward, she began to experience severe discomfort in her abdomen. She told the magazine she felt pain in her lower right side that at first felt like trapped gas, but when it did not go away after two weeks she became concerned.

Morton said she first went to the ob-gyn who implanted the device, but nothing abnormal showed up on an ultrasound. She then went to a gastroenterologist and underwent a colonoscopy. Again, the test showed nothing. Morton, becoming increasingly desperate, then went to a urologist who could find nothing wrong.

During this time her symptoms worsened. Bloating was a daily problem, as was fatigue. It got to the point where she could barely care for her three sons and run her business.

But as time went by, things got even worse.

According to the magazine, Morton’s condition deteriorated to the point to where her adrenal glands no longer worked properly. These glands are vital to a person’s health, producing several hormones that are essential to the proper functioning of the body.

Finally, an Answer

Morton told Cosmopolitan that she went to several other doctors, and no one could determine the cause of her problem. She finally stumbled upon a Facebook post about Essure, detailing a meeting the FDA was holding regarding the safety of the device. It was there she saw that thousands of women were experiencing severe complications as well.

She decided to have her uterus removed in December 2015. Six weeks later her symptoms had “shockingly improved,” according to the article. The pain, bloating and fatigue had disappeared.

Essure Risks

The Essure device is placed in the fallopian tubes of women who no longer want to become pregnant. It is designed to cause inflammation that inhibits sperm from being able to reach the eggs.

However, thousands of women have reported a wide variety of problems after having the device implanted. Some, such as Morton, have had to resort to hysterectomies in order to finally find relief.

If you have suffered complications due to the Essure device, talk to an attorney with Baron & Budd to learn about your potential legal options. Please call 866-750-3386 or complete our contact form.

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