Have You Suffered Health Complications After Using the Essure Birth Control Device? Baron & Budd May Be Able to Help

Bayer’s Essure device is the only non-surgical, permanent birth control device approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since it gained FDA approval in 2002, it has been inserted in about 750,000 women. However, Essure has been linked to several serious health complications, including migraine headaches, severe abdominal pain, painful menstruation and others.

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How the Essure Device Works

The Essure device is inserted into a patient’s fallopian tubes by a doctor. Over about a three-month period, scar tissue begins to form around the device, blocking sperm from being able to fertilize a woman’s eggs. After three months, the doctor performs a follow-up examination to confirm that the woman is no longer able to become pregnant. This test involves the injection of a dye into the uterus and then an x-ray to confirm the devices are in place and the fallopian tubes are blocked.

What’s the Problem?

Recent news articles have highlighted severe complications that have been linked to Essure. For example, a National Public Radio website article from July 2015 reported the story of a woman who experienced several different symptoms after her Essure device was inserted in 2010. These included fatigue, abdominal pain, migraine headaches and hair loss, among others.

An October 2015 article in The New York Timescovered the suffering experienced by a woman who was still having problems six years after using Essure in 2008. Not only did she go through painful menstruation, intercourse also led to extreme discomfort. She ultimately had a hysterectomy last year. After the procedure, her doctor told her that the Essure device had migrated into her uterus and become surrounded by scar tissue.

What Can You Do About It?

Essure was granted “premarket approval” by the FDA in 2002, which, in theory, is supposed to protect Bayer from any lawsuits involving health complications associated with the device. However, just because a company’s product is granted premarket approval, that does not automatically mean it will be shielded from legal action.

The pharmaceutical giant has been accused of improper behavior associated with the manufacture of Essure. For example, it has been alleged that Bayer manufactured the device at an unlicensed facility, used non-conforming materials when manufacturing the Essure, and also tried to conceal negative reports regarding Essure from the FDA. If these allegations are proven true, that could render Essure’s premarket approval invalid.

If you suffered health problems after using the Essure device and would like to learn more regarding your potential legal rights, please complete our contact form or give Baron & Budd a call at 866-750-3386.

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