Know Your Options When Considering Permanent Birth Control

Opting for permanent birth control is obviously one of the most important decisions you could ever make. Please do not rush into this – do your research and have a long, detailed talk with your doctor before you make your choice. These are just some of the factors you should keep in mind.

Essure Can Lead to Serious Complications

Many women have turned to the Essure permanent birth control device, which is a small metal coil that is implanted into each fallopian tube. Over time, scar tissue forms around each coil, making it impossible for sperm to reach a woman’s egg. However, there have been severe health complications associated with Essure, including migration of the device as well as extreme pain.

It typically takes about three months in order for the tubes to be blocked, so if you do choose this option you will need to practice another form of birth control during this time. But don’t just simply assume that the coils did their job after three months. You will need to see your doctor again to make sure the device is working properly.

There is also the chance that you may change your mind down the road and decide that you want to have children. There are some procedures that can be reversed, but Essure is designed to be permanent. Often, the only way to remove Essure is by having a hysterectomy.

There Are No Guarantees

No form of birth control is guaranteed to be 100 percent effective for life. Different procedures have different rates of pregnancy. There are also serious risks associated with many birth control options, such as the ones outlined earlier that have been linked to Essure. Hundreds of women have reported severe problems after an Essure implantation.

Baron & Budd may be able to help if you underwent a procedure to have the Essure device implanted and you then suffered complications. Please complete our contact form or call 866-750-3386 for more information.

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