Ecolawyers: Fighting Back for the Environment

July 12, 2016  |  Environmental

The law firms of Baron & Budd and Gomez Trial Attorneys have formed a joint venture called Ecolawyers to fight corporate contamination of our natural resources.

Ecolawyers will not only hold known polluters accountable for their actions, but also the manufacturers that produce pollutants.

Ecolawyers will be headquartered in Solana Beach, CA. Attorneys Scott Summy, John Gomez, and John Fiske will lead the joint venture.

A Long History of Working Together

The two firms have worked together on numerous cases involving PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) contamination of lakes, bays, rivers and other waterways throughout the country. They have taken action against Monsanto, the manufacturer of PCBs, in cases involving the cities of Berkeley, Long Beach, San Diego, and Oakland, California; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle and Spokane, Washington. PCBs have been linked to not only the destruction of fish and wildlife habitats, but also the development of serious diseases in humans.

Baron & Budd and Gomez Trial Attorneys have also worked together on several other cases involving environmental damage or contamination, including wildfires and TCE (trichloroethylene). TCE is a dangerous solvent that has been known to contaminate drinking water.

By combining our resources, Baron & Budd and Gomez Trial Attorneys will be in an even stronger position to fight for environmental justice on behalf of our clients.

Ecolawyers has already made a strong impact on social media, generating more than 10,000 followers. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

If you represent a municipality and would like more information on Ecolawyers’ services, please complete our contact form to contact us online or give us a call at 866-364-6376.

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